22″ Round Fire Pit

22″ Round Fire Pit


Product Details:

Product descriptions:

Complete accessories and excellent quality: The product has excellent abrasion resistance, is not easy to rust, does not shrink, and does not deform. The use of safe 3 sturdy legs ensures solid stability.

Foldable and portable: The fire roasting bowl has 3 movable and foldable legs, which is very lightweight, easy to transport and store, and can be easily placed in a car or warehouse. There is a ring-shaped handle on the protective grille, you can safely pick it up.

Safety: Equipped with a practical spark protection cover, which can safely surround the fire and prevent sparks and foreign objects from scattering. The small anti-scalding clip can easily and safely lift the hot grill g. There is also a hook that can be used to remove the protective grille if it is too hot.

Multi-functional use: Multi-functional 2 in 1 fireplace-can be used as fireplace/barbecue grill. Easy to use with charcoal, tree trunks and wood, ideal for camping, picnic, barbecue or heating in parks and home gardens.

Product information: Made of black matte lacquered iron, resistant to high temperatures up to 500°C. Product data: Fire bowl outer diameter: 54 cm, grill diameter: 60 cm, charcoal grill diameter: 30 cm, height: 43 cm, handle length: 40 cm.

Product information:

Product size: 54 * 54 * 43 cm

Package size: 56.5 * 15.5 * 55.5 cm

Items Included:

3 * Removable folding legs

1 * Fire bowl

1 * Coal grid

1 * Grill

1 * Iron fork with wooden handle

2 * Anti-scalding clip

1 * Protective grille


Please make sure the fire is extinguished before storing it indoors.

It is not recommended to store it outdoors after use.


1: Please check the packaging material carefully before handling, as some components may be packed in the packaging material.

2: Do not over tighten the accessories.

3: The fire bowl can carry 18kg, taking care that the load is not exceeded.

4: Please do not use this product indoors.

5: Keep children and pets away from the product when using the product.

6: After repeated use of the fire bowl, the color of the fire bowl peels off, which is normal.

7: To extend the life of the fire bowl, please do not put ice or water in the fire bowl.